~ Thank you for coming from all over the world ~



  • We stayed as part of our journey over the Shimanami Kaido.The staff were very good, and the seafood was the best ever. I forgot to hand back the key, and they paid for it’s return from my next hotel.

    by Peter
  • The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The room was absolutely beautiful. Everything was clean.The food was exceptional.  It was the best meal I’ve had in Japan.Well worth the expense.

    by anonymous
  • From the moment we arrived at the place, we were warmly welcomed. Although we did not speak Japanese and they did not speak much English, we were still able to understand each other and had a pleasant stay.

    by M.P from Sydny




  • Cycle parking space

    We have cycle parking space. Also, we can keep your bicycles inside the building.

  • Courtesy car Service

    We have transportation service in Omishima, in case you have bicycle. Please feel free to ask.

  • Free WiFi

    WiFi wireless LAN facilities are available in all rooms and the lobby areas of the hotel.

  • Main Entrance

    Large stone lantern is the mark. It’s located in 3minutes from Oyamazumi-Shrine on foot.

  • Parking

    Capacity:20 cars. Fee: free
    It’s across the street from main entrance.

  • Laundry/Drier

    You can use Laudry and Drier anytime.

Room 15 rooms
Capacity 60 guests
Check In/Check Out 15:00~/~10:00
Credit Card Not available
Time of Breakfast 8:00~
Time of Dinner 18:30~
Group tour 60 guests
Amenities TV,Yukata,Towel,Toothbrush and toothpaste,shaver,Hair drier,Shampoo,Body soap
Facilities Party room,Vending machine,Laundry,Clothes drier
 Cycling Facilities Maintenance tool,Inside storage




We only accept 

cash, PayPay  and  Alipay .



Relaxed rooms that celebrate Japanese architecture’s rich past



Capacity:2~4 guests

*there are more room types.




We are proud of its fresh small fish and shellfish dishes using fresh fish from the Seto Inland Sea like red and black sea bream, black rockfish, flat fish, turban shell, etc.
We have a specific thought about selection of fish. They purchase fish at different ports depending on fish on Omishima or neighbor islands.
Enjoy their specialty seafood dishes.

※The price below is not included tax (10%).



  • Tatami Room for 2~6 person

  • Yukata for adults and children

¥5500per night

Room Only Plan

Japanese-Style Room. You can use Free WiFi in the room.
No meal is included in this room rate.

Some rooms have their own bathroom and toilets.
If you have any requests, please feel free to ask us.

*The room may differ slightly from the actual photo. The room is different each.

  • an example of an economy dish

  • Boiled Fish

  • Tai-meshi (Mixed Rice with Sea Bream)

¥11500per night



Hors d’oeuvre, Vinegared dish, Sashimi(sliced raw fish), Grilled fish, Boiled Fish, Nanbanzuke, Rice, Boiled dish, Soup


  • sashimi-"funamori"

  • grilled fish

¥13500per night



Hors d’oeuvre, Karaage, Vinegared dish, Sashimi(sliced raw fish), Grilled fish, Boiled Fish, Nanbanzuke, Rice, Soup, Fruits

First course uses the higher grade food and sashimi will be served with “funamori” style in which sashimi is placed in miniature wooden ship.

  • an example of an deluxe dish

  • sashimi with Ise lobster-"funamori"

¥16500per night



Hors d’oeuvre, Karaage, Vinegared dish, Sashimi(sliced raw fish), Grilled fish, Boiled Fish, Nanbanzuke, Rice, Soup, Fruits

The biggest characteristic of the Deluxe course is sashimi of Ise lobster. Of course, sashimi will be served with ”funamori” style. The highest grades of food materials are used. You can fully enjoy the best of the Seto Inland Sea dishes.




How to get here




5460, Miyaura, Omishima-cho, Imabari-shi, Ehime, Japan



Get directions (記入例(EX):広島空港(Hiroshima Airport)、大阪駅(Osaka station)など)

By Car

    • From Onomichi,Osaka,Hiroshima

    3hours from Osaka・2hours from Hiroshima・40min from Fukuyama

    • From Matsuyama,Imabari

    Get off at Omishima Interchange/Exit then take left turn to route 317.
    Go along route 317 and take left turn at Imabarikita Fire department-Omishima station to route 21.
    A little ahead of Ooyamazumi Shrine on route 21.

By Bus

    • From Hiroshima,Fukuyama

    From『Hiroshima Bus center』,『Fukuyama station』to 『Imabari』

    Get off『Omishima Bus stop』

    From『Omishima Bus stop』to『Miyaura port』

    Get off『Oyamazumi shrine』

    • From Matsyuyama,Imabari

    From『Matsuyama station』,『Imabari station』to『Miyaura port』

    Get off『Oyamazumi shrine』